Please become familiar with the following so that you can benefit most.




There are a few faces to the AdventHome. Read carefully to find out what applies to you.


At no point should you feel that the use of this service is a financial burden. Instead, the AdventHome is structured to be a blessing to you.

The most important aspect of it is you becoming an independent operator. You become an independent operator when you have set up your own website. Please use your relationship with AdventHome as a guide to your setup. As an independent operator your success depends on how many people you recruit. Independent operators do business on their own and do not hold AdventHome any way responsible for their operation.



AdventHome Students, Hosts and Service Providers are subject to AdventHome Terms and Conditions.

An AdventHome student is someone who is 18 years old or older and is attending a secular college. This student has a contract with an homeowner and has agreed to to abide by the AdventHome rules and guidelines.

An AdventHome host is a homeowner who has registered with AdventHome and has agreed to its Terms and Conditions.

An AdventHome service provider is a person, contractor/subcontractor or business that provides services to AdventHome clients by registering with AdventHome and agrees to its Terms and Conditions.


Contracts are negotiated between an homeowner and a student. They are done in good faith and do not hold the AdventHome liable in any of its operation and dealings with the student. The AdventHome advises the homeowner to seek legal advice if necessary and to have proper home insurance. See your agent for guidance. The AdventHome will assist the homeowner in setting up the contract.

Contracts between independent operators and service providers hold in no wise AdventHome liable for their agreements, conditions, executions or any liabilities or disputations.


Privacy policy and registration

The information you submit is held by AdventHome and will not be shared with a third party. AdventHome will connect parties doing business with each other so that there will be no need for any other information to be shared with AdventHome other than that which is required at registration.



Renewal and cancellation

A processing fee will be paid annually by Hosts and Service providers.


Changes to terms and conditions

AdventHome will hold the right to periodically review and update its terms and conditions. Any changes made will be disclosed to all parties.

Contracts, Terms and Conditions: