What You Earn.

Hosts receive 90% of the price rate that they request. A host can become a promoter and receives 10% of the friends or family that they recruit. For example, if a host charges a per night rate of $50 for a week, the total received will be $50 x 7=$350 x 90%= $315

If the host recruits family/friends, and they are able to host a guest at the same rate for the same time period, then the recruited hosts will receive a total of $1575 and you will receive $1575 x 10%= $157.50 at the end of the week.

We suggest that you price at a competitive market price. Contact us for Help.


Getting Setup:​

We suggest that you use quality and attractive pictures of the following of your choice.

  1. Front Entrance

  2. Parking

  3. Room(s)

  4. Kitchen

  5. Wash room

  6. Living room

  7. Patio

If you need assistance in setting up your website we will help until you are ready to do this on your own.

Managing Location:

We recommend that you do not display or disclose any details, such as home address, until you have come to a final confident decision of the guest.